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Jubilee Bake Sale

A very big thank you to all who donated, bought, baked and ate cake!  Our Jubilee bake sale was not only a huge success, but a delicious treat for the children as part of their festivities!

Silver Smarties

Congratulations to Year 4/5 for winning the Silver Smarties Challenge and collecting the most money in your Smarties tubes!!
We hope you enjoyed your 10 minutes extra playtime in the sun? ☀️
A very big THANK YOU, once again, to MORRISONS – Poynton. Their very generous donation of Smarties for every student made this fundraiser possible.
Thank you again for your continued support!

Easter Hamper Raffle

WOW!! Our Easter hamper raffle was absolutely amazing this year!  Lostock Hall students, families and friends – thank you!
We have been blown away by your support again and ticket sales have raised an incredible £560!
Once again, a big thank you to Morrison’s Poynton for your generous hamper donation too.  Your continued support of lovely school is so valued!
The draw was aired live on our Facebook page and 17 fabulous hampers were matched up with their new owners!
Here are a couple of our lucky Easter Hamper Raffle winners 🍫 🐰 🐥
Break the rules day!

Break the rules day!

On Friday 10th December the children were given permission for one day only, to take part in a “BREAK A RULE AT SCHOOL” Event.
The children were allowed to break rules from the list below…each rule being payable and there was no limit to how many rules they could break!
Rules List
1) Wear a crazy hairstyle – 50p
2) Wear a temporary tattoo – 50p
3) Wear Crazy Socks or tights – 50p
4) Wear Nail Varnish – 50p
5) Wear a hat in class – 50p
6) Wear your uniform inside out – 50p
7) Wear a sports shirt – 50p
8) Wear trainers – 50p
9) Wear Face paint/accessories – 50p
10) Break ALL the rules then you pay £3

Our BREAK THE RULES day was a huge success raising an impressive £215.  Everyone who got involved managed to get very creative with their rule breaking, whilst having a lot of fun in the process!

Thank you for your continued support.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yesterday we saw our first ever Christmas tree sale on the grounds of our lovely little school…and it looks like someone remembered to order the snow!

A big thank you to our PTA volunteers who got themselves all wrapped up to brave the chilly weather to provide steaming teas, coffees and fantastically festive, mulled wine and mince pies.  

The lovely folk over at Hagg Farm Christmas Trees make it part of their festive business to support local charities.  This year we were lucky enough to be one of their chosen three charities, meaning upon purchasing their customers could decide which of the three would receive their 5% donation from each tree sale – amazing!

This was our first collaboration with Hagg Farm, bringing their Christmas trees to our school grounds for one day only, which turned out to be a huge success, supported well by the families of our school children, residents of The Bird Estate and the surrounding areas.

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

How lovely are your branches…”   

Stunning Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, were carefully chosen, then netted up and later delivered.  The afternoon was a huge success with a donation of 10% of all tree sales on the day.  Fantastic!

We will certainly look forward to hosting this popular event again in 2022.

With the generous donations on the day and throughout the tree selling season we were lucky enough to raise an amazing £373.88 and we were also given a fabulous Christmas tree for the school too!

Take a look at a few of the beautiful purchased trees all dressed up.

Sunflower competition

🌻 Here are some of the FANTASTIC final entries for our Sunflower Competition that has been running since last term!
🌻 We are super impressed with how big they have grown but also how well the children have looked after them!
🌻 We have really enjoyed the regular updates throughout the Summer and we hope you have enjoyed watching them grow!!
🌻 The children below were finalists and recipients of a treat from the PTA as we feel their amazing efforts totally deserve it!

And the winner is…Flynn in year 1/2 !!


Flynn managed to grow 3 incredible sunflowers! His tallest of them is 232cm, which is the tallest he’s ever grown, so we hear that he is really pleased!  Amazingly, this sunflower had its original flower head eaten by a pesky squirrel, but still managed to survive and grow another head!  Congratulations Flynn!