Category: Summer

Jubilee Bake Sale

A very big thank you to all who donated, bought, baked and ate cake!  Our Jubilee bake sale was not only a huge success, but a delicious treat for the children as part of their festivities!

Sunflower competition

🌻 Here are some of the FANTASTIC final entries for our Sunflower Competition that has been running since last term!
🌻 We are super impressed with how big they have grown but also how well the children have looked after them!
🌻 We have really enjoyed the regular updates throughout the Summer and we hope you have enjoyed watching them grow!!
🌻 The children below were finalists and recipients of a treat from the PTA as we feel their amazing efforts totally deserve it!

And the winner is…Flynn in year 1/2 !!


Flynn managed to grow 3 incredible sunflowers! His tallest of them is 232cm, which is the tallest he’s ever grown, so we hear that he is really pleased!  Amazingly, this sunflower had its original flower head eaten by a pesky squirrel, but still managed to survive and grow another head!  Congratulations Flynn!