Break the rules day!

On Friday 10th December the children were given permission for one day only, to take part in a “BREAK A RULE AT SCHOOL” Event.
The children were allowed to break rules from the list below…each rule being payable and there was no limit to how many rules they could break!
Rules List
1) Wear a crazy hairstyle – 50p
2) Wear a temporary tattoo – 50p
3) Wear Crazy Socks or tights – 50p
4) Wear Nail Varnish – 50p
5) Wear a hat in class – 50p
6) Wear your uniform inside out – 50p
7) Wear a sports shirt – 50p
8) Wear trainers – 50p
9) Wear Face paint/accessories – 50p
10) Break ALL the rules then you pay £3

Our BREAK THE RULES day was a huge success raising an impressive £215.  Everyone who got involved managed to get very creative with their rule breaking, whilst having a lot of fun in the process!

Thank you for your continued support.

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